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Clothing patterns
Clothing constructor Poland

PROFICAD company is a team of high class specialists.

Our team has been successfully preparing clothing production for 20 years.

We cooperate with many domestic and foreign companies. A large number of regular and satisfied customers gives us great satisfaction and awareness of well done a job.

The main advantage of our company is professionalism, which allows us to perfectly prepare the production for the cutting room and creativity, which in case of untypical orders helps in finding the best solution.

In order to provide services we use the most modern production preparation systems. We work with two systems: GEMINI CAD and LECTRA-INVESTRONICA. Thanks to this, the results of our work are the most optimal.

As distributors of CAD systems we also provide training for GEMINI and INVESTRONICA system operators.

For many years we have also been selling and developing computer systems for production preparation (CAD). Our offer also includes automatic cutting rooms, software, plotters, digitizers, band knives, round knives and vertical knives.