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Clothing patterns
Construction of clothing


The construction of the garment can be made on the basis of a drawing and a table of dimensions or on the basis of the sewn-in product. In the development of sewing patterns we take into account all the customer's suggestions.

The clothing pattern in the basic size is prepared for sewing. At the customer's request, sewing patterns can be printed on thermo-adhesive paper or sent in digital form.

Formats are the standard for the recording of clothing forms:
HPGL (extension .plt or other)
AAMA (two files with extensions .dxf + .rul )
DXF Standard ( extension .dxf)
After checking the base form, any corrections are made to the construction of the patterns.

Due to the fact that we cooperate with customers from all over the country and abroad, all data can be delivered both personally and remotely by e-mail, post, courier, etc. All agreements can also be made in person or remotely (e.g. by phone).

Our constructors have experience in various types of assortment: women's, men's, children's clothing, underwear.