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Clothing patterns
Conversion of data with CAD models

Convert files from different CAD formats

In our work we use CAD LECTRA - INVESTRONICA and GEMINI software.

This gives us the possibility to accept orders from companies working on other production CAD systems.
We load directly into our systems clothing patterns saved in Lectra, Investronica, Gerber, Assyst, Gemini formats. Data from less popular systems are loaded from AAMA format.

The basic formats that we can convert are:
DXF - universal format CAD systems
AAMA (DXF, RUL) - universal format CAD systems
GEM - GEMINI system format
EXP - INVESTRONICA system format
IBA, VET - LECTRA system format (old)
MDL - LECTRA system format (new)
TMP - GERBER system format
ZIP - ASSYST system format
CUT - file format to be cut
ISO - file format to be cut
RS274D - file format to be cut
HP-GL - format of the file to be printed
HP-GL/2 - format of the file to be printed
PLT - format of the file to be printed
PLA - format of the file to be printed (Lectra)

If you have any doubts about the possibility of processing your data, I encourage you to send one file to our studio in order to test the conversion. Sometimes we receive files saved in older versions of CAD systems and then errors may occur. In such cases we take a very individual approach and try to find the best solution.

Our converters enable us to make gradations and prints of clothing patterns coming from other systems. We also have the ability to convert clothing patterns from one system to another.

All patterns, models and layouts can be saved as output data in the format HP-GL allowing printing the drawing on any plotter and in the format ISO, which is required by the CNC machine, e.g. automatic cutting rooms.